The Mystery of Soul stone

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As the Avenger Infinity War movie release date is coming near. The speculations about the soul stone (one of the infinity stone) are becoming one of the burning topics among the fans. But the question remains, where is the Soul Stone?

In the last installments of Marvel Universe movie “THOR: Ragnarok”. Loki took the Tesseract cube in which it has the space stone in it. In the latest trailer of Avenger Infinity War Thanos has the Tesseract cube and destroys it’s with the bare hand. As the speculations go Loki gives this cube to Thanos as a gift. In the trailer, Thanos has two infinity stone as the looks of it the other stone was the power stone which was kept in the safety lock of the Xandar “Capital of Nova Empire” by which we can also depict that Thanos has invaded Xander.

As there are six infinity stones, two of them are in possession of Thanos the remaining gems are mind stone, currently in possession of “Vision”, The Reality stone (Ather) is currently in possession of Taneleer Tivan A.K.A, The Collector, and the time stone is in the possession of the Dr. Strange. But the mystery remains where the last and final infinity stone is?

There are many theories behind the soul stone is wondering what it could be in Wakanda as there are mountains of Vibranium which came from outer space. With the Vibranium soul stone can came to earth. As in the last Marvel movie Black Panther, T’Challa goes to soul world which can be possible through mind stone.

There is another goof up around. As in the Marvel Comic Universe, the soul stone was with Captain Marvel. So there can be an introduction of Captain Marvel in the Avenger Infinity War.

The curtains will rise behind the mystery of the soul stone on 25th April 2018. As the release date is near speculation are high. As the fans are buckling up for the exciting ride of the installment of Avenger Infinity War.