Marvel Movie Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved- Part 1

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Finally in Avengers: Infinity Wars, the Marvel Universe came together to fight the one big bad villain. The plan was to put together a vast universe together over the years. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 started from Captain America: Civil War after the aftermath of Ultron’s attack against humanity.

After that, we were introduced to new characters and the locations of some infinity stones. Now we know all about the infinity gems and Thanos’ plan but between movies, there are some mysteries which are still unsolved.

The Fake Gauntlet in Odin’s Secret Vault

Why does Odin have a fake infinity gauntlet? Thanks to the timeline established by Avengers: Infinity War, we know that the original gauntlet was made in the heart of the dying star when Thanos forced the smith to make it.

Then how does Odin have the same Gauntlet at his disposal years before? How does Hela come to know that it is a fake straightaway? How does the fake Gauntlet look exactly the same as the real one which is a unique weapon made to contain the power of the infinity stones?

The new Bifrost

At the climax of the movie Thor, God of Thunder proves his worth by destroying Bifrost and hence Loki’s nefarious plans from coming to a possibility. Destroying Bifrost was shown as a big decision at the time as it was the gateway to all the realms and it will have long-lasting consequences. But by the time Thor: The Dark World came to the box-office, Bifrost is again up and running like nothing has happened.

Clearly, something which was shown so catastrophic should have been followed by some explanation. Well, now that Odin and Asgard are gone, we probably will never know.

How does Captain America break into the RAFT at the end of Civil War?

RAFT is shown as an ultra-high security prison which is used to keep the big bad guys, the supervillains and other super enhanced individuals who broke the law. It was designed to hold the worst and the worsts and is an unbreakable isolated place in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not an impossible task to break into RAFT by the First Avenger but he is running from the law and getting there is not an easy task. So it would have been better if we were shown how exactly Captain America did this nearly impossible task.

Where is the real Mandarin?

Marvel fans were excited to finally see the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 which was played by Ben Kingsley. The movie however completely went out of proportion and showed that the character of Ben Kingsley is just an actor hired to play the role of a fake Mandarin for the world to see.

The plot was very well concealed by the story but it was disappointing nonetheless. But at the end of Iron Man 3, real Mandarin shows up just to teach a lesson to the imposter for imitating him. Mandarin is one of the most iconic Iron Man villains and him appearing and disappearing out of thin air needs much more explanation.

Maybe we will get some answered with time. But for now, just hope that we get to see Mr. Stark and Peter back together in Avengers 4 because boy, was it devastating!

That’s all for now, we have some other marvel mysteries for you. If you have answers to these mysteries or think some of your friends might then comment and share. We seriously would love to know.