“Human Uber” developed a ChameleonMask and now you can have your own “Larry Middleman”

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Do you remember Larry Middleman from Arrested Development, of course you do. He was the guy who acted as a surrogate for George Bluth when he was in prison.

A man walking on the street with an iPad attached to his face and acting as a proxy for another person, EmTech Asia just presented “Human Uber” at the MIT Tech Review. In this, a person will strap a screen to their face and fill in for someone else. The idea of a person having a screen strapped to his head may sound and look strange but believe me, HIMYM and Arrested Development fans are going to tell you otherwise.


And believe me, Larry Middleman and Marshal Erikson are too familiar with the idea. Lily made a Marshal bot by putting a screen on a giant pillow when he couldn’t make it to Barney and Robin’s wedding and we all have seen Larry Middleman wearing a camera and a microphone to act as a SURROGATE for Papa Bluth.

In Arrested Development, Larry Middleman was for hire, so those rich men in prison can have a virtual-self running around in the world outside. With new ChameleonMask developed by EmTech Asia now, anyone can have their personal Larry Middleman to attend all the events that you can’t attend (or too awkward to attend). I mean a person wearing a screen with your face on it roaming around, nothing weird or unsettling about it, right.

So, don’t worry if you don’t have your friends to hang out with, they can always send an anonymous person wearing their face while they are sitting eating nachos in their dorm rooms.