A Letter To Asifa

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Hey princess.
Why are you still crying. Don’t be scared of me. I am not like them. It was not your fault. I know that you were the victim, however, I am sure that you will not get justice. Wondering why? Because, this is a country of religion yet people judge each other on its base. Because this is a country of worship yet people may not be safe on altar. Because this is a country of mankind yet people without humanity exist. You are a little goddess, not aware of the cruelty that exist in this world, in India to be particular. It may be land of gods and goddess, however, not even an inch of my body would raise itself to salute. To salute horrific person existed in my past.
The rules that govern India may be made for the betterment and development of this country, however, I question you, what good has it done for us? People talk about women empowerment but what’s the need of all those slogans and posters if we not allowed to exist in a society where man and religion are the one who dominate! We may wear ‘unappropriated’ clothes, which I admit is our fault ,since, we are not allowed to live with our choices. However, what wrong have you done? Was it because you were a Muslim? Was it because you were a girl? Or was it because you breathe? It must be, I mean. You never wore ‘unappropriated’ clothes neither tempt them. The only thing is that you are a girl and breathe.
Hey little girl. I am sure that you might have understood the reputation of India we have in other countries. Its the mentality of few and all suffer.
Hey princess. Don’t be scared. Now you are here in peace. No one will bother you. And soon we will have more company. You be okay now. There’s no point in asking for justice, because they never did.
Your friend