Is INTERSTELLAR coming true?

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2014 released Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan shows a dystopian future in which your planet finally had enough of the human atrocities. The planet is nearly inhabitable with continuous sandstorms causing trouble to the remaining population. There are no jobs, people are turning into farmers as there is scarce food and the crops that can be grown are getting limited to corn being the major one.

 I live in Delhi and I know it’s going too far by comparing the scenarios but since last 40 days, NCR region has faced half a dozen sandstorms and considering that this it’s the usual weather in the capital, it has a serious wake-up call for us that how fast nature fights back and how insignificant we can be.

This series of dust storms is not a usual sight in the capital and now it’s causing damages that we seriously aren’t prepared for. There are losses of lives, infrastructure and increasing population in the already devastated city.

I haven’t seen any weather reports on why these storms are hitting the capital, what’s the point. It will show me that it is due to some change in air pressure created by excessive heat and we just have to sit tight and wait for it to pass.

I don’t know why have I written this, we can do nothing, can we?

But isn’t it a dismal approach to think that we will cross the bridge when we will get to it. I am no expert on climate change and I am just writing this as a concerned citizen who can’t understand the science behind it all.

We live behind the concrete walls which can withstand it all but still, there are people out there who can only pray to god to keep them alive and well through the storm.

Is Interstellar going to come true?

We don’t know, we don’t want to know, we can live in ignorance. We won’t be affected by things that will happen 100 years from now or maybe not but these natural phenomena make us question are we really that insignificant. We, humans, are the most developed brains on this planet which make us responsible for its fate. If humanity is a simulation like Matrix, we surely are not making it any easier to defy the similar fate.