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It is one of the largest ships that have sunk in the sea due to the unfortunate incident. The cost of building that ship is around 7.5 million dollars at that time which is around the 166 million dollars now calculating the market price and inflation taken into account. This is much less than the movie Titanic that was structured around 200 million dollars at a time. The RMC Titanic highlighted various dotting and unwinding offices including:

•             A recreation center including a punching sack, a paddling machine, practice bicycles, Stationary bikes, an electric camel and an electric steed.

•             Turkish showers, electric showers, and steam room

•             Private back rub room

•             7 feet down, 30 feet long by 14 feet wide swimming pool with 13 changing rooms in addition to 2 showers, the biggest warmed pool on any ship around then.

•             Squash court

For the first class passenger, there were 1500 bottles of wine, 20000 bottles of beer and 8000 cigars. Despite having such luxurious items there were no binoculars. It was another tragic incident that came into the light. The binoculars are the kept in the locked compartment and the person who has the key to this compartment was the second officer David Blair. He was replaced in the last minute. In the hurry to leave the ship he forgot to hand over the key to the replacement. This was discovered after three days when the ship was already in the sea. If the crew has got the binoculars they would have noticed the iceberg.


The Titanic was breaking the speed limit because it was behind the schedule to reach New York and it would reflect the bad image on the ship. So that’s why they were moving at the speed which was much higher than the one it was designed for.

Mr. Senan Molony, who has been looking into the Titanic's destiny for a long time, found a nine-meter dark check on the front of the ship's frame from a photograph taken before the Titanic left. 

Mr. Molony states the fire consumed unnoticed for three weeks at temperatures of 1000 degrees, which means the metal debilitated. This effectively enables the chunk of ice to tear a gap in the ship which generally been outlandish.


The day incident took place has the perfect storm of sensational factors

•             Fire

•             Ice

•             Criminal negligence

Due lack investigation those mark has completely changed its narrative. The metallurgy experts told due to the fire on the ship on a particular spot that it can withstand that level of temperature on steel. Due to this, the integrity of steel reduces to 75 percent.  Some say the owner of the Titanic knows about the fire but due to the fear of bankruptcy, they neglect the fact of fire. They also docs the manner that the travelers could not see the spot.

Another criminal negligence was connected to lifeboats in order to contain all the people in lifeboat it would need 60 lifeboats in total. The chief designer Alexander to equip it with 48 lifeboats which were further reduced to 20. Due to only reason, the ship was not looking picturesque and there were worried about the looks of ships.  According to the laws of that time number of boats does not depend on the number of passengers but on the tonnage of the ship.


Interesting fact about the captain of the ship that researcher found out about Captain Edward John Smith that he has flunked the first test in navigation but eventually he passed but who know may this too played a role in the disaster?