Interview with the brains behind

Interview with the brains behind

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1. A brief note about your company

Leegality is a one-stop digital documentation platform based atop Aadhaar eSign. Our tools help businesses digitize, optimize and automate their documentation processes and reduce costs and time involved by over 90%.
We are helping our clients accelerate critical processes such as customer on-boarding by making them switch from paper based processes to completely digital ones. Using our eSigning Gateway, our clients collect Aadhaar based eSignatures from their customers instantaneously without any manual intervention from their side. Processes which had a TAT of 1-2 weeks are now getting completed within 2 minutes in a completely legally compliant manner.

2. Your company’s motive?

I am a law graduate and have been actively involved with the startup ecosystem for the last few years. Seeing how startups across verticals were using technology to optimize processes, I realised that there was so much to do in the legal sector.

Most industries in India have reached the post-digital age where big data, AI, Machine Learning and other advanced technologies are being implemented. With legal industry however, we have not even hit the digital age yet. The legal industry is decades behind other industries. Most processes in the legal sector happen the same way they used to happen 20 years ago. I don’t know if I can say that about most other industries. This realisation along with my exposure and experience with technology startups inspired me to start working on Leegality.

3. How are you going to set up your team for betterment of your company?

Leegality is a unique blend of law and technology. Our team consists of an equal number of lawyers and engineers and everyone fully understands the interplay of the legal and technological aspects. This puts us in an unique place in the market where we are able to help understand the legal needs of our clients, and help them use technology to optimize legal processes in a completely law compliant manner. I hope that we are able to retain this team structure as we expand.
Our tools and products have been built keeping in mind all the legal needs and requirements of a business. We are on a mission to transform the legal industry in India and I am sure, our legal background will provide us a strong edge over our competitors.

4. Where do you think this business is going in the next couple of years?

We want to transform the legal industry in India and use technology to optimize processes at all levels. We are not in a position to give away the details but we are looking to implement major and not just incremental changes in the industry.
I think being extremely market sensitive is a must. However, this does not mean that you listen to whatever the market says or wants. When you want to change market practices and norms and introduce completely new products like ours, you have to tread very carefully. You have to help the market realise the value of your product by talking in its own language.
What this means in our case, is that our current offerings are focussed on being able to pierce the market and introduce technology for only some legal processes initially, where the market is ready to adopt it. Gradually, once the market becomes comfortable with us and our offerings, we want to do much more.

5. What does success look like for you?

Being able to generate value, for people who work with me, for people who take our services, and nevertheless for family and for friends, because nothing means anything without them being around.

6. Most difficult part of this journey?

As I mentioned, we are trying to introduce technology in a sector which has been opaque to any kind of modern technology till now. Getting such an industry to be comfortable with technology and convincing it to adopt these technologies has been the hardest part. But at the same time, I understand that this is the biggest challenge in this industry and anyone who is able to crack this challenge will lead the market. So, this also becomes the most exciting aspect as well.

7. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

Patrick Bet David, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc. He runs a Youtube channel called Valuetainment. Most of the things we have implemented in our business today are inspired by his teachings.

8. What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

I recently read somewhere that ‘It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos’, and I think that is it. Things often don’t go the way you would prefer, but I have realised that only if you can be okay with it and work towards eventually making things go your way, can you succeed. Consistency and Tenacity are a must.
It’s also extremely important to handle people around you very carefully, both people working with you, as well as your clients. Most human beings are driven by some emotion. Business is just about identifying what each one around you is driven by, and helping them achieve what they want in a way, that your own ambitions get fulfilled as a by-product. But this is only possible if you are at calm with all the chaos around you!

9. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

As a 20 something Founder, I realise that there is so much I have to learn. I try to always stay humble and learn as much as I can from every human being I interact with. There is something to learn from everyone and I am just trying to internalise this philosophy.