Hobson’s choice of each entrepreneur

Hobson’s choice of each entrepreneur

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Interviewee name: Surbhi Arora

Founder – mad skull creation


Can you think of starting a business from an investment of 0 INR? Well yes it is possible. Ms Surbhi Arora an independent woman entrepreneur has made it possible. She graduated with maths honours and various other degrees. After high school she wanted to opt for English honours however, she couldn’t be able to get guidance in her studies, therefore it was her craze for studies which motivated her. Moreover, she did 3 years of diploma in animation. Later opted for MSc in design and MBA in HR and digital marketing.

She says “ I am a very carrier oriented person” and wanted to be a business woman from the starting stages of her childhood. Apart from suffering from financial crises she became the one to stand out in a society where woman are still termed as housewife rather an independent woman having her own professional life. Right now she has her own company of IT solutions and digital marketing. She has been working offline from decades and a month ago came into field of digital marketing. She has her own website MadSkullCreations through which she monitors everything related to IT and Digital Marketing.
Starting from 0 INR investment is definitely a very challenging task. There were hundreds and millions of choices she made. She was somewhat going through Hobson’s choice. She either had to take lead of others or to create her own. Surbhi turned out to be a woman who understood the consequences and made her own lead in the field of entrepreneurship. With Rs 0 in her pocket she went on a lead to follow her dreams. Being suffering from financial problems, she designed her own website and logo from the prior knowledge of WordPress and animation. She says that if you are capable of doing something then why need other help or why pay others for the same. She believes that if you build up a mind set of achieving more and more then nobody can chop you off. Its you who decide whether to succeed or precede.
Success belongs to those who dare dream about that and Surbhi Arora definitely proved it. Working laboriously for 2 days and 2 nights in a row was the investment she put forward in her business. At the initial stage result was not as expected however, with continuous hard work, the less she invested the more she acquired. Her initial stage of business was more of a disaster to her. She had no clients and capital to pay her employees. Soon she took the lead from Facebook. She joined few groups and communities on Facebook though which she negotiated with her clients. She says “patience is must in business”, without patience you cannot attain what you have dreamed for. Initially Surbhi Arora made few contacts with investors however, they declined because IT is very common in digital marketing and can be accessed by anyone. No one supported her. She says it was her brain who supports her, the only thing she knew was that she need to work diligently in order to gain clients. She has no office hours, night do not define the end of the day for her. The end is when the task given by her clients are completed. She follows a belief that sleep can only let you dream however, it’s the courage that you must have to prove those dreams true.
With the passage of time she gathered client, remotely hired employees on project basis from different states of India and soon made many permanent clients. She projected at a cheaper price to grasp more customers. Right now she is more focussed towards trust building between a vendor and a receiver. Her aim is to keep moving forward and wants her business to gain fame in the field of digital marketing. The message she wish to convey is that it is not the money that can stop you from being a business woman or business man, once you have your mind set then you can be an entrepreneur even by starting with 0 balance. There are thousands and millions of hurdles and hardship in life, but you must be determined towards an aim, towards an aim to achieve more and more.