Trip n Howl – The couple is providing a social travel mobile application for all travel needs

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Spokesperson: Satyajeet Pradhan (Co-founder and CEO – trip n howl)

1.Tell us a little bit about ” trip n howl “.

trip n howl is a social travel app to find nearby travelers, plan trips, share travel experiences, book travel necessities from market place, find nearby amenities, nearby attractions, list of items to carry on backpack and may more. It is a
one stop travel solution.

2 How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
I & Vrushali are vivid travellers. The major challenge we were facing that there was no efficient tools available for trip planning and we had to use different apps for different travel challenges. This was quite a hassle and even was consuming lot of mobile space. We use to delete the apps which was not of use in that particular moment and even our last trip data use were not available often. This is where we thought to build a one stop travel solution which could provide solution to travellers and make their trips cheaper, hassle free and memorable.

trip n howl denotes the feeling one have during his trip and his wish to take his heart out and howl loud to express his happiness.

3.What are the difficulties faced by you for the execution of the idea? About the journey?

For Starting up a business with hard earned savings, as your only financial backup is itself a biggest risk and the risk doubles when you are married and wins or failures would directly impact the family. However, it is also to be understood without risk, goal would be way far to achieve. I have seen many failures.

trip n howl was redesigned and iterated twice before the final release. There were even failures in hiring right team however I never gave up. My vision was very clear and the only thing that I had in his mind was achieving the goal. And that led me to deal with all failures with Patience and Perseverance. In this hard time of failures I learnt that, “nothing can let you fail until you lose in your mind.”

4. What is unique about your business?
1. It is the only travel app which aims to bring solutions to travel challenges under one umbrella and at user finger tips.
2. The market place helps travellers to find and book all their travel necessities from varied agencies at one place
3. Trip n howl brings the local travel business like Bus Booking, Car Rental, Bike Rental etc. on its platform and thus aims to reduce user’s travel expense.
4. It is the only app which measures user’s travel accomplishments and thus encouraging travel.

5. Did you get any funding for your start-up?
It is bootstrapped till date and was being funded by Parent Bizydale Nets. We have started looking out for investments recently and hope to close on some deals soon.

6. What made you choose this type of business?
Well, like I said , I & Vrushali are vivid travellers and love exploring places. Since my college days I am a travel enthusiast and used to travel every weekend with my friends and in such one trip I realized that although there are several travel apps or solutions for back packers however there is no app which checks the ground reality of travel and what a traveller actually need other than bookings. So that’s prompted me to come up with trip n howl – a one stop travel solution which is not only designed to solve traveller concerns however also to support him in increasing his travel community and make his trip memorable and fun.

7. How do you advertise your start-up?

Currently we are focused on to promote ourselves on digital media and word of mouth however soon we would be exploring other channels for advertising.

8. What’s your company’s goals?

My vision is to make traveling more organized, a cheaper, safer and hassle free for all traveler type and gender.

trip n howl is on a mission to connect with local businesses and bring them online to sell their offerings to travellers globally., thus making travel a cheaper affair for travellers.

9. Tell us about the future strategy of the start-up.

We would release the iOS version soon and also move ourselves towards artificial technology for making this app super user friendly and reduce dependencies.

10. Suggestions for the aspiring entrepreneurs and viewers of Woofihub.
3Ps are the key to success for a startup i.e Product uniqueness, Patience and Perseverance. A startup is born out of passion and not out of chances, so proceed with your journey only if you are passionate about the concept! Your product should actually define the need of the society and should persuade users to try you out!