JANUS GLOBAL LLP : Being rich with Technology and People

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One person being a tech-savvy and another being a people oriented. Sitting at the coffee room juggling minds that LET’s DO something different but then WHY DIFFERENT?…when any one one grow faster and richer with similar mind thoughts and services. Thus, we decided to do similar stuff what people were doing earlier with a blend of latest technology and people management tadka in it. We planned to open IT & HR Consulting together in 2016 i.e. Designing and developing technology solutions for a range of applications in various industry segments along with complete HR Solutions and systems. However, with a percipient and sagacious commitment to our clients and avidity and vigour for technology and quality.

We formed a company with the name “JANUS GLOBAL LLP” where Janus stands and holds firm to envisage creating a track record of designing and developing refreshingly innovative and practical IT & HR solutions each time.

The Janus India team provides HR & IT Consulting, Website Development, Application Development, Branding, Video Animations, automation’s and much more for local and international clients in both the government and corporate sectors.

Our company has had its origin in this holy land of ganges and intends to personify in the domain such as HR & IT Consulting forging an electric and dynamic amalgamation of services which we bring to shore as our core expertise, concatenation of activities, opening gates of new beginnings in the field of Information Technology, we intend to take pride in make in India moment and help synergies grow and prosper by utilizing our service.


Neha Goel(Founder) & Gaurav Aggarwal(Business Head)

Janus Global LLP

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