Interview Of Amit Maglani ( Founder of Cleanseat)

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Cleanseat –Toilet Seat is the startup which helped numerous people to stay healthy at this unhygienic and insanitary ambience. This motive will help thousands of people to remain microbes free and be blooming.
This notion is stated by Amit Mighlani who is looking to contribute to Women’s Health and Safety in his own smart way, of living bug free life and tune healthy.
The Inception of the Idea 
Like every other creative and innovative venture, this one also started from a scratch and eventually its success was ready to help as many individuals who are looking forward for a change in their life. According to Amit, “In April 2017, when I was leaving for a party one fine night along with my mother, I felt her health consciousness is a real issue to think upon”. He believed that every individual must have also felt uncomfortable and inconvenient in going to the dirty public toilets.
From Idea to a Plan
We all know that every woman is conscious about his health and looks forward for a clean pace to prevent themselves from UTI (urinary tract infection) and other such Infections. The filthy and dirty public washrooms are nightmares for every Individual. With Cleanseat – Toilet seat, women will have no problem in going to public washrooms.
He also said that “For the good health of every woman, it is very important to provide her with the disposable toilet seat, so, she can freely use any public toilets without any worries.”
About the Company
Cleanseat helps individual to use public washrooms without any worries of getting infections. Via Cleanseat, woman’s can easily put it over public toilet seats and dispose of them after usage. They are a service based company and they are aiming to be in the list of India’s Most Admiring Company soon. They are also soon making it available online on Amazon, Flipkart etc. They will soon be reaching heights helping a large number of people.