When Mountains Call, You Answer

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Sometimes you just need to pack your bags and give in to the wanderlust. I was getting bored and needed a break, so I asked my friends Sakshi and Aishwarya. We planned a 3 day 4-night trip in which we decided to cover Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Khajjar, and Dalhousie.

We reached Dharamshala on Day 1, the weather was much colder and we have left the continuous heat waves of Delhi far behind. The air was pure, the temperature soothing and the scenery mesmerizing. Just getting off that bus and taking a big long breath of fresh air gave us an amazing feeling. We planned to visit Dharamshala Stadium, which is one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. I had seen it on TV a few times but it was much more beautiful than I thought. We played some indoor games there and it was really fun beating my two friends again and again.
So that’s all for Day 1, on Day 2 our amazing trio moved to Mcleodganj. It was an amazing trek as I have heard. The trek was really amazing with small cafes along the whole way. The white sauce pasta Mc Ello Café was to die for and you can't miss momos and Masala Maggi of Shiva Café.

We then reached Bhagsu Waterfall and it was so cold there. We forgot that its June and its scorching back home. It was just cold water and fresh air all around us. The scenery was amazing, the people of Himachal are friendly and always help you.

We had two more destinations left to cover, so our travel party of three moved on to Dalhousie on Day 3. The weather in Dalhousie was wonderful and the scenery was breathtaking. There wasn’t much snow as usual as its kinda warmer too. The lake and green grass and big trees as far as you can see.

On our way to Khajjar, we thought it cant get better than this. But we were happy to be wrong as Khajjar was just as amazing and beautiful like our last destination. The view and scenery were so soothing. We were in the abode of mountains and we didn’t want this feeling to ever go away. But life goes on and we will add a new adventure to our list. I think this will be the best for us but again
I would love to be wrong.